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Protect car paint


A. The most well-known contributor to paint fade is ultra-violet rays (sunlight), in addition to pollutants that are in the air and are too small for the eye to see and other chemical and biochemical residue.

Bird droppings, salt, insects, and using abrasive cleaners all contribute to the fading of your car’s finish as well.

B. If possible each time you park you should try to park your vehicle in the shade. If it’s going to be parked for a long time in the sun, consider a car cover. Make sure you purchase one that has

Ultraviolet protection.

C. Wash your car properly at least once every two weeks. If your car is exposed to a lot of chemicals such as road salt, and extreme insect activity, then you should wash your car more often.

Also if you keep the car in the garage a lot of the time it will still be exposed to chemicals from the air. Again it is always a good idea to use a car cover. In addition, applying a clear coat over the paint will help to protect against chemicals and ultraviolet rays.

D. Try finding the least abrasive polishes you can to avoid the wearing away of the protection coat that is built into your finish.

E. Wax will give you a shine that rivals polishes. The advantages of waxing include, that it doesn’t remove any of the surface protection, but instead adds an extra layer over your car’s finish providing additional protection. Remember to avoid over-waxing, because it can build up over time and affect the look of your vehicle.